I decided to go with my son, my mother and my uncle to the city of Genoa, to see this exhibition, with more than 50 paintings preserved in Marmottan Museum in Paris. It was a sunny day with just some cloud, and the atmosphere was magic.

Just after the entrance, we were welcomed by an interactive scene, with projections at 360 degrees in a dark room: water lilies all around!

Just after, great panels telling the life of the Master, his way to see the life and the art and…so many masterpiece, that we all were just astonished! I had the chance in my life to see some masterpiece of Monet, but anytime is like love at the first sight, and imagine my family with the same emotions! I stopped in front any painting and I took pictures also of the particulars of the textures: it’s incredible to see the brush strokes, with their directions, thickness, layers…

It’s not possible to choose which one is the most impressive, and I think you know what I mean. All his visions are so delicate, so evanescent, surrounded by that particular “fog” so chased by him.

He used to keep the brush very far from the bristles, so that it could be at the right distance from the painting itself. He would never paint in front of the subject, but by side to form a visual triangle: he looked, synthesized the vision and transposed it onto canvas… Magnificent.

In the last period of his life, he suffered by cataract and, also if he had operation, he never came back to see in a normal way ( we have to consider the surgery level at that time ). His visions became real abstracts, because of the inability to distinguish the colours between them. We have many proofs of this, looking his “Japanese bridge” in the last years. That way to paint, for me, is just unattainable: it shows the reality behind his production and I mean his suffering. He recognised his problems, but he didn’t know that he was opining another way in art, after the Impressionism: the Abstractionism. And I know what history tells about its birth, but I think you can notice that he putted the first seed.

So, it was an unforgettable day passed with my beloved family, seeing al together a piece of history.

I wish you nice time and ’till next post!

Bye 🙂



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