Hello everyone!

I hope You’re doin’ well and You spent Your time during the Christmas period in serene way.

December flew away in a fast way, I had the perception. After my exhibition at the end of November, I spent my time painting my new abstract work.

It’s a big large canvas, in which I translated in image my feeling thinking to the great North. I am captured by the old Norse language and for that reason this one and the next incoming ones are titled using these words: I find their sound so emotionally involving. I studied a little bit using resources I found in Internet and I love that language. I thought very much to my passion for the polar nights, for the ice of the distant Lapland and for the Northern lights. Concerning this last phenomenon, I painted a small canvas like a Christmas present for my Yoga teacher Michela, and I called it “Aurora Borealis“.

My son has been captured by the telescope I presented him for Christmas and we went on the hills to observe the night sky after some practice to calibrate the instrument and…wow! How much is marvellous, the Universe… This telescope is a computerized star tracker and the lens system is really on the top of the level. My son is very grateful and involved and…me too 🙂

He took a picture of the Moon during our first night out:

Like I told on my first blog post, every year, in January, I give myself a new “calendar”: I decide new targets for the incoming year. This time I decided, first of all, what I don’t want for this 2024: to be under pressure and stressed by external factors. I mean, I will take my time in life and, if necessary, I’ll step back. Sometimes I thought, during 2023, that if I would be my boss and I would treat another person like I treated myself past year, I immediately would run away from that person. This means I putted too much pressure. I want to enjoy more my time and this it will reflect better my emotions in my paintings, during my bike travels and in my relations with people.

I read a lot during the past year, more than before: I love to read… And I write a travel diary during my bikepacking journey, because I love to write too. So, I asked myself: why don’t write… a book, too? 🙂

I’m writing a novel and working for the cover picture I decided to shoot for my… first book! I will not spoiler nothing about, so… stay tuned 🙂

I have a new, white, big canvas ready to be filled with my emotions and visions and I’m very happy to be so inspired during this season. I use pine wood frame for these paintings, to match the northern themes I want to put in them and a lot of modelling paste and my beloved crackle one.

I hope You all are in a serene mood: the World needs this…

Be safe out there and I wish You much love…

A big hug!



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