Hello, everyone!

How’s Your life going? I hope well and You can find in these following words a new motivation!

Like I wrote in my previous post, this Fall I was very productive on my paintings and I received a great positive feedback after my last exhibition. I dove in my life totally and at the end of January I finished my…first book!

It was really a big satisfaction to see my project become real… I loved to write for all my life, starting when I have been a child, during my school time and during the University I wrote poetry and songs. When I travel by bike, I love to translate on paper my emotions I live during those adventures and all that is my travel diary. My biggest emotions are closed between the sheets of that, small book which tells the most beautiful bike travel I ever did until now.

In my book I tell the story of a man, who lives his life made by sad events and greatest satisfactions. He took contact with the Buddhism and his life changes totally, passing by the Sea to bike travels. But I don’t tell You more, or I’ll revail too much πŸ˜›

At the moment my book is in Italian language only, but I have on mind to translate it in English.

You can find it HERE.

In the meanwhile, I hope You’ll have great time wherever You are and I send You a big hug from Italy πŸ™‚

To the next post!




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