All life I liked the colours of this season. The summer green turns into an entire palette of yellow, red, violet and brown and a wood becomes a fantastic scenario, which I like to cross with my bike.

I remember last year my trip in Austria during this season: it was very hard by the temperatures, because I slept in my tent with -6 C°, but the nature was so incredible, with its clear skies, millions of stars during the night and the unforgettable smell of the Autumn itself. Pedalling approaching midday it was still cold, but it was real fun for me!

By one side, Autumn gives my a bit of melancholy: I think to the beauty of Summer, with the possibility to stay in short pants, without shoes most of the time, the sun, the never ending swim in the sea and in lakes. But any season has its own significate and I think Autumn has one of the most important for me: to learn to let go. Just look a tree: it’s no scared to loose all the leaves, not only because they’ll grow up again stronger, but it uses the leaves themselves to rigenerate in Spring. What a big lesson the Nature gives to us only watching it… And we have not to forget the hidden meaning: take a rest, cross the “cold” of life and reborn.

I worked very hard on my new paintings and partly I represented some Hindu myths, due to my passion for it and my progress in practicing Yoga and I had the chance to be part of a big exhibition, where I decided to hang up different paintings, to offer the possibility to the people to have a larger way of choose. I didn’t like very much the room, because we were very closed to each others and this caused a discontinuity of “my” own inner space: I need empty to fill it up, but with a sort of distance… I want to mean that it would be better for me to bring not so much operas, but…here again life remebered me that things go only how they have to go, so I would see after my result.

At the exhibition I sold one painting, and the day was running to the end. I don’t hide I was a little bit disappointed, but that was the moment. After some days three visitors contacted me and…I sold other five paintings! Many times is not THE moment what is important in life, but the root which we give to that…

Apart all this, in the incoming days my life flew in a creative way, better than before. I had a vision of the distant North and I decided to buy a large 100×100 canvas to fill it up with my emotions and my imagination on a place which captured my soul since the first time I saw it, not directly at the moment.

It will turn into a big abstract painting, made by acrylic colours and my own pigments obtained by ash, charcoal and sand.

The rest of the time passed silent, but full of emotions and joy.

I celebrated with my closest friends the incoming Christmas time, did the last bike ride and I closed this period: one’s really great for me, ’cause I learned so much in relationships, time, passion and my inner part, that I’ll always remember.

Winter is out of the door and now I’m ready for the celebrations, for a travel with my son and for the new targets of the new incoming year, which will be pervaded of passion, that I can breath since now the flavour it’s full of 🙂

So, my dear readers, I wish You all love, joy and fun, wherever You are in this world. Don’t forget people who are alone: just a call can let them feel not so…

I embrace you from the deepest of my heart and let’s meet here with my next blog post!

Shanti, Shanti, Shanti…




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