It was a cold winter day in December when I really found a passion for painting. I decided to ride my gravel bike like I always do. I had been a bike rider tooking races in past and now I’m a bikepacker for travels. But I really love to walk for trekking too and to be inspired for my photography. Yes, because I started like a photographer, interested in everything can be emotionally interesting for me. But let’s jump back to my starting in painting! Breathing the cold air in a wood, listening the silence, broken only by bird’s singing and the wind between the trees, it’s necessary for me and my inner power. I love any period of the year, because I think there’s magic in everything. The colours have always fascinated me, althought I love the black and white for most of my photography works. I was thinking how I could translate emotions in a different way than the one I know… All my life I have been admiring any famous painter, whome I have seen the paintings of in many museum across Europe. I have many books with fantastic pictures and descriptions of their great works, which crossed the centuries and came to us to teach beauty and feelings. But I was all the time fascinated by the abstract art: it’s so complicated some times, but so easy to understand, many other times! What I love of this side of the art, is that anyone can see what he’s feeling: joy, beauty, love, sadness, loneliness and so on. It’s like if the opera enters in conjunction with the observer and his living moment. Just like crossing a wood: the panorama flows around us and we can feel all the emotions above, depending on our soul in that special moment of our lives. This can be faster by bike and slower by feet. Abstract art does not attempt to represent an accurate description of a visual reality, but it makes use of shapes, colours, forms and gestural marks to achieve its effect instead. It is absolutely fascinating. It can stay on every wall, matching industrial furniture, scandinavian, luxury, rural, modern, old… I paint what I see and what I feel: for this reason, my paintings are part of me and you can have a piece of my heart in your spaces, looking at them. I have been exploring with different kinds of techniques and materials, and I mostly paint with my own paint, made of natural earth pigments: sand, earth, silver, gold, ashes and wood. Many of these elements come from places near my home or from places which have great importance to me now. These pigments give unique textures on the canvas: I can define my style an “abstract touchable experience”.  I find my inspiration in nature, although it can be strange speaking about abstract art: the mountains, the cold winter nights, the hot summer nights, the sound of the wind, the lakes and the sea are inspiring me every moment. Since now, I want to thank you for having attention to me and for supporting my art! I hope you can enjoy my emotions everyday you can look at one of my paintings in the place you love.



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