It can be complicated to speak about my life, since it never was ( and it’s not ) empty. I will go over what I wrote in my bio Here, but I can’t stay without to remember my passion for bike, as I wrote Here too. I have been, since four years ago, a bike racer and I had so many fun and satisfaction during those years that it’s difficult to forget ( and I don’t want it! ).

I reached targets I wanted, with many preparation and constance. But, you know, all things have the right time to happen and I flow with the rhythm of life, so what it was, it was… I evolved my bike passion switching from races to travels: I love to visit new places, especially alone. I leave with all things on my bike: tent, clothes, camping gears, to discover new adventures. For those it’s not necessary to go on epic travels: great experiences can be lived just outside…

The Nature and the Outdoor are really “calling me” anytime. With my son I love to go on trekking explorations and to have a rest for the night in wild camping: something that let me feel in my own dimension. I love so much to listen the nature’s sound and to wake up with the bird’s chant and the sun rays. It’s the cycle of Nature itself and I feel part of that, at all. What all this is matching my “painting side”? Everything, I say. I can find so much inspiration living all that in the nature and comparing with my past, made by bike races, dives in many seas as instructor or simply a tourist, being a musician or a dj.

All that things were full of anything different than silence: only underwater I was really with myself, but never alone… What I feel with my gravel bike is so emotional for me, that I can’t imagine my life without. One of my dream is to ride in the north of Sweden, in Winter, admiring the Northen Lights and to make pics and video to remember all that magnificence when I will be old… Who knows, maybe I’ll become older living there and this dream could be my daylife 🙂 . I want to show you my last video, in which I’ll tell you more about myself, so…let’s watch it!

I wish you nice time!



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