Hi, everyone!

First of all I wanna say THANK YOU for all your messages in private you sent me in these past days! But don’t be shy and…subscribe here on my blog, on my newsletter and write in public! Any comment is welcome and it can be a source for anybody. I was positively very touched by somebody of you, concerning my sensibility and what is inside my paintings. It’s difficult sometimes to take a new step, like I did with this blog, but I think any beginning is great, just because we put energy, believing and intentions in it. I write this blog in English, because I want my writings reach more people than in my own language ( italian ), but I’m sure that it will be not so difficult to translate in your own ( Google translator is surprising πŸ˜› ). We’re crossing a not so easy period in our lives here in Europe especially, but it’s time to restore our love and our emotions, without to forget to help people who need it at all. Love and strength can really go over everything and we have this in front of our eyes everyday. Like you saw, I write very much and frequently: it’s very easy to me, because I have so much I want to share with you! To sit and to start writing is very natural and I’m captured in my own emotional flow. Spring is on our doors and the coldest time of the year is ending. I passed the winter drinking tea, pedalling my bike, staying with my son closer, reading books, meditating and making good food. But I allways do that πŸ˜› Today I want to let you see some glimpses of me and what I’m working on. I have many ready canvas, which are waiting to be filled with my emotions and visions, so it’s not hard to start to paint. Today I’ll guide you in my starting process about how I figure a vision: about the result, I’ll write a post, speaking and describing the intensions in this painting. I hope you’ll like my new post with this video!

Ah, psss…: I have a new YouTube channel! Check this video there and subscribe to the channel to discover my incoming paintings and scratches by my life!



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