Our lives passed through a difficult long period, with all that means: distance between people, fear, sickness, death… Violence in some episodes around the world, Europe in particular, sacrifice by anybody to change many habits in life and social actions. Art was hitten very much by all that and we lost for long time the pleasure to go to an exhibition, to have the pleasure to enjoy an evening at the theatre and many other things. Now all seems to go in a sort of descent direction, about that. But, like humans can construct, humans can destroy… And since yesterday somebody decided to use a time machine and to beat us back in time sixty years. “War”: how many bad concept, things, situations this terrible word includes. Altought in many part of the world there are wars, nobody in Europe thought that this can be real, here again. I will not discuss here about that, but I limitate myself to say that I am really, really, incredibly sad. I am thinking about all the suffering it will be among people there… I have no words… This time I only want to show two different paintings, that I propose as a representation of visions of this chaos. The first one I called “Broken”, and it shows the broken dreams of a woman, who lost parts of her body, but especially has not soul anymore… It’s a 60×80 abstract, obtained by sponge and palette knife:

Black, grey and bronze on white canvas

The second one I called in italian “La sposa di Kiev” ( Kiev’s Bride” ), figuring a woman whith one of the most desired moment in her life, when she wears the white dress to take her man for the future, but her desires are vanished by this new reality, leaving her without any escape… The technique is palette knife and materic paste, for this abstract 30×60. Here it is:

Kiev’s Bride

Of course these paintings can have for anybody different meaning and figuring anything else.

I hope you’ll like them and I’ll tell you about other paintings soon.



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