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I’m in the middle of an inspiring storm and in one of my previous post, I told you I work sometimes at more than one canvas at time. This I started like a draft during the work of “Mechanical Spirit”, which needed pauses during one layer ant the other to let all dry up. There are may ways to represent passion and love in abstract painting: somebody can see it everywhere, but one common thing, or in the most of cases, is the employment of red colour. We can see, studying and seeing the great masters or the street artists, that love has always a particular role in art. Somebody paint people, somebody nature, somebody animals and so on. For me it was important figure love in a way meaning “relation” between a man and a woman. Not so difficult in words, but the risk is always to fall in a trivial or impersonal way to paint it. I decided to let the observer to notice two human figures between many distracting elements. They have to mean distraction themselves, sort of luxury, dangers, temptation to distract the couple and trying to divide their bond. They have shining and happy colours, in some part of the painting strong and dark, and between them you can see and feel the passion: red colour, of course, but also the distance, which is, in reality, a respectful and strong space. So many symbols are around the couple, and anybody can see what more is on the same frequency of the moment. Anybody, believing or not, is aligned on a particular frequency of the moment and we, all, are connected, in some way. When we are able to align our sphere with another person, starts a conjunction, which transmit more than a milion of words. This is what I mean about the conjunction between a painter and a collector: they are connected and they were able to communicate by one side something and to the other side to receive the sense. Abstract art can space in so many directions and reach so many emotions of the people, which is impossible to limitate it on a simple canvas. The best way is to put ourself in front of a painting which we like and it will be able to drive us wherever we want or need, day by day. The title I took from a song, I listened on a train many years ago, from Saint Petersburg to Severodvinsk on a long trip, during which I crossed immense spaces covered by snow and ice and I desired the love of the woman I was on the way to embrace again. But it’s an old, ended story. So, this is my 50×70 “A Man And A Woman”.

A Man And A Woman

Some results of the palette knife I used:

I hope you’ll like it and you can find in it the great meaning I wanted to remember and communicate.

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