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Today I want to take a pause speaking about paintings and how they see the light thanks to my emotions and visions, and I want to satisfy people who asked me about my tools and techniques. First of all: here there’re my trolleys, in which I have mainly my tools.

A sunny day in the garden

I have tools are common in painting, like brushes, but what it’s great in abstract painting is the exploration this art itself can give to the artist. I love palette knives and I have some of that in different forms and dimensions. I use them both to mix tones and to spread them on the canvas. They permit to obtain infinite nuances and gradient transictions, but also to have a unique effect if You use only one colour.

Palette knives

Secondary, the most important thing in abstract painting: water. I use a spray to humidify brushes and the canvas, before or during the drafting of colour. It’s great to use water to obtain particular effects, like dripping, for example. This can be very expressive in abstract painting!


About colours I use different brands, but I feel very satisfied with Polycolor and the medium by Liquitex. This doesn’t mean I dont experiment with different formats and other brands, but I prefer to emply quality for my paintings.

Some colours

Let’s jump to my beloved elements! I love the tactile experience on a painting and usind sand, earth, ashes and some other materials I can let the observer to have a direct experience with my paintings. I have a kitchen mortar and a colander I use to crush and filter, with patience, to obtain a very fine powder that I mixe with colours. I store them in funny glass bottles πŸ™‚

Sand and ash

But to obtain relief, I use a modelling paste and a crackle paste: here ones I really like, for the lightness and the great result:

To give particular value to some painting I emply real gold 24K and real silver 999, both in flakes or sheets.

I love to use sponges, too: they permit me to vanish tones like no other tool can do.

Speaking about canvas, I use at the moment ready canvas mounted on frame. I just add the wedge tensioners to strenght the structure.

Pine wood is so fragrant and great for painting frame!

In future I want to employ roll canvas, mounted by myself on frame: this can give me the possibility to have the desired thickness of the wood and the dimensions required fo a particular work.

So, that’s all! I hope you’ll have a nice time wherever You are πŸ™‚



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