In this post I want to speak little bit about music and how much is important for me. In my life I was fascinated since when I was a young child by music and growing up I developed this passion. I can tell music is omnipresent in my life: that doesn’t mean I listen it all the time, but for any situation I have the style I like to match what I’m doing in a particular moment of my day. The best music, in anyway for me, it’s the sound of the nature: birds, wind, wild animals, the flow of a river, the waves of the sea… It’s my best inspiring collective sound, but one sound is my favourite: silence. I need in different moments of my day a little bit of silence: to concentrate, to meditate, to think about what I have do or, simply, what I’m doing. Nothing is better than a walk in the nature, just outside my garden, or a ride with my bike. Wind in my face, in my hears, to breath fresh air…

I don’t like absolutely the noise of the traffic, people who shout and so on. Simply I can’t do nothing if I hear all that. I’m not antisocial, just to be clear, but everything has to be harmonic. Speaking about music I love many types of styles, and all have in common the rhythm: this one is made by pauses between one note and another one. Let’s tell: silence in rhythm! I think one of the best example of music in which this is shown is Jazz. Here, I don’t want too much to speak about that, but I say that this style is one of my great buddy when I paint. Any musician on the stage respect pauses, rhythm, place where to stay, theme of the song, improvisation of others and everybody, in a band, do the same. Just like in art: where there’s respect of space, rules, tones matching and so on, there’ll be a result. Pay attention: in abstract painting this is partly correct, because to brake the rules, make some hazard, explore different techniques, matching styles can bring to a great result and, believe me, this is not simple! Many people think that abstract painting is just some row, some color brushes, some canvases to fill with some tool and all will be “abstract”: nothing more wrong! In my opinion, it is important to give rhythm, movement, dynamic sense of the representation. And this expression is more difficult in minimal abstract style: less you use, more the difficulty will be. After all that I wanted to put on a canvas something that is really classy and demanding like a jazz band, but seen by a child’s eye: many times we need to look thing like a child do, without judgement, filters, comparison, fear… And, simply, to feel the movement in life, which is the base for its flow itself. 

Here’s my 40×40 “The Band”:

The Band, abstract painting

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