I produce a lot in this period: I’m full of creativity! It’s really incredible how much we all have inside: it’s just necessary a situation, a word, a song, a place or a person to make it exit and burn, like fire from a spark to a flame. But because of I don’t like confusion, the risk is to put too much on “fire” and I decided to use one of my way to say that helped me very much in my life, in different situations: “less is more”. Minimal art, in my opinion, is matching abstract in a so perfect way sometimes, that words are too much to explain the visions. Just like the canvas painted in this way: only two tones, black and white. Because of mathematic is the root of everything in the Universe, I desired to apply some of it to a painting. First of all, I opted for a diptych, but ( 😛 ) not in conventional way… The two pieces have to be hanged up with a perfect distance between them, to complete the result of the representation. A sort of abstract marry the real. They are 30×30 cm and they create a sort of…triptych! I wanted to obtain a geometrical echo and I think I had my result! What is amazing is that You can hang up this diptych in four different way, to express multiple figures and if one day You want to change their position, You can! I show You:

I titled it “Tre di due” ( Three Of Two ). To know something more about the mathematic relationship that binds them, to let me know which one is more expressive for You and if You want to know more details of this painting, contact me or leave me a comment here!



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