I celebrated my birthday on 28th and I was full of joy! In general I go on a trip during this period: it’s the birthday present I give myself every year. This time I decided to stay at home, due to the pandemic situation not finished at all and I didn’t want to travel and to be in risk to see activities closed. So, just a bike day here 🙂 

The Big Red Bench

The day after, starting on the morning, I began to work on two different paintings, at the same time: a new challenge for me! They are opposite for tones and meaning, but commons for the finality they’re made: to enrich walls with different styles like Scandinavian, modern, rural, minimal, classy and so on. They can stay on every space and delight the observers, because of the visual escape they produce looking at them. I realised the first one using two different types of black: one matte and one glossy, to give more deep to the final opera. The palette knife and the sand did the rest. This time I employed sand that I took on a beach in Normandy, a magical place for me: I have many good memories of that trip, so why don’t give parts of those days to this painting? But…it was not enough, for me. Since the first vision in my mind, the final painting had to give a real sense of elegance: ok for the blacks, ok for the white, but…why don’t add real 24K gold? First I painted the rich gold colour, mixing with a little palette of pale gold, let it dry and added the gold I bought. The result is a big 60×90 acrylic with mixed technique…

This is “Golden Elegance”. What do you think about?

Golden Elegance, abstract luxury painting

The final texture is so great, with an incredible tactile experience!

Here you can see how can be presented this painting in different spaces:

Let’s go the the second one! Opposite, in white, with a great sense of escape, which can bring everywhere! So elegant, for me, with the three essential tones for elegance: again white, black, gold, but in different calibration of quantity and space. It’s incredible how we can obtain using the minimum! Less is more, and I think this rule is a rule of life… How many things we have, completely useless, but how many can we have, just to look a panting on our walls! Escape from the routine of life, reflections, silence, taste, sensuality… This last one is everywhere and I think abstract art is the only that accompanies that, especially at home or in a business space.

This is “Freedom”.

Freedom, abstract painting

Of course You can change the side to hang up them and be free to see how it looks like in another side. Do You like them? It would be so nice to see Your comments down here!

Have a nice time in this Winter!



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