Almost another week passed and it was busy, by any type of view. I worked very much until late night in my painting corner and I started to build up a space downstairs, but about this I will have time to speak about 🙂 Many visions came to my soul in these days and they brought me distant from the place I live. I dreamt about hot and summer, places far away and trip I desire to make. Listening different type of music, like always do, brings me away with my imagination. In past I was a dj and a musician and still now I can’t live without music: but also this point I’ll develop in another future post. Back to these days I painted two works, one of them completely done by a palette knife to match, in a very simple way, a room. It is about an abstract forest, in black and white, to express the wintertime that I cross with my bike. All trees are without leaves, very naked, we can tell. It seems really to listen their sleep…Some birds take a rest on their branches, but without the possibility to hide and protect themselves. Many days are foggy, here, and sometimes the light is really singular: white is the dominant tone and is opposite with the black and grey shadows the trees can reach.

The snowy countryside near my home

I wanted to represent this desolation, but at the same time to give a sense of grown to the observer: also if the trees are sleeping and the nature itself is waiting, in reality it’s a preparation for the spring explosion of life. So, always in not good to stop ti the appearances, but to go over the first sight. The life in this period is sleepy, like a child… I think this painting give the possibility to think about the inner power of nature in any time we look at it. Any observer can feel the incoming explosion of life, adding it to the canvas, becoming a part of the painting himself. Do you think so? 

A Forest, abstract painting

The second work I did it’s completely projecting me on another part of the planet: to Africa!

It’s very funny how to ride a bike never stays without to communicate to me. It can be the blood who’s circulating better to the brain, to the heart, or simply my love for the bike itself. I was listening a song very famous when I was younger, speaking about Africa. I stopped near the river and the sun was shining so much, but it’s low on the horizon in this season and for this reason it creates long shadows. I took a picture of me on my bike and the result was so incredible!

The length of a shadow

This picture is on selling in the USA too. I had a vision and I thought about the typical African masks, made by wood, with their so long faces. I mixed the long shadows of me on the bike and the mask and back home I started this visionary work! I added gauze and sand of Egypt that I collected during one of my diving trip there. I love to collect the sand and the earth during my trips! It’s like to bring a part of that time at home, in a material way. The result is a black canvas, with withe, red and meaning of hot time, mystery, passion and innocence, all together.

Afrika Shox

You can see the long abstract African mask and imagine the rest! What is great in abstract art is the infinite possibility to imagine what we can, in that special moment. This painting can stay great on any wall, dark or light and to be part of a furniture and, why not, to let You travel  with your imagination!

Ok, but enough writing for now! I hope you will enjoy it and let me know your impressions about!



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