I had the inspiration to paint a seascape during my last bike trip. You can read about it here.

In reality all my life has been surrounded by the sea and bike, and to not boring you, I’ll point you here to discover why πŸ™‚

To paint a seascape is not so simple: you can do it seeing facing it, by aerial view, on the horizon level and so on. I wanted a feeling of an open space, breaking the limits of the canvas itself: so the paint continues on the borders, like the major part of mine. I used the sand I took from a fantastic beach in the island of Elba, in Italy, and it’s so fine, delicate and pure.

The result is a fascinating artwork, with my unique tactile expierience.

The beautiful scenary of the sea will help you to feel those sensations at your home every day. Abstract beach painting is an impressive highlight and makes your space become more luxurious and modern.

When you feel tired or stressed, to look at an abstract beach painting, will help to relax. Your spirit will feel refreshed, love life like never before. You can “listen” the sound of the waves, breath the salt, feel the wind…and with my tactile experience, touching the surface of the painting, you can touch the sea and the beach! The special thing is that my paintings can easily be combined with any interior space: ancient, modern, industrial, scandinavian, rural and so on.

A white wall will be very suitable when hanging a painting of the sea and it creates the feeling that the vast space of the waves will bring a fresh and refreshing breath to the room.

It can be hanged up in many different spaces of the house: in the living room, bedroom or dining room. The space can also be a bathroom. Think of how great it would be you are bathing and be a part of the opera…!

Let me know your impressions in the comments down below, or write me if you’re interested!

See you on the next post!

Bye πŸ™‚



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