What I like in a city, besides museum, monuments and culture in general, are the music clubs ( Jazz in paticular ) and the nightlife. I really love to walk and to see the lights, people and to be curious about restaurants and shops. My paradox: i love to be in the nature, but I like the cities for that aspect. I avoid the traffic and the days, in general, but the nights have those particular tastes, which can let me be in comfort. I have never been in China, but I have a cousin who lives there, and he told me many things about the nightlife and I saw many pictures about a city which, since I was a child, fascinated me: Shanghai.

It was the city where was born one of my idol, Jacques Mayol, the famous freediving recordman. He was my inspiration for my incoming carreer in diving when I was younger and I have read many books about him and his way to live. He has been a Yoga practicant, a very respectful person and a wise man. Maybe something in contrast with the confusion of a so big city. Its vision captured me always.

Here, a video on how this painting of mine was born. If you like it, let me know in the comments here down below or on my YouTube channel!

Thank you very much for reading an watching! See you soon 🙂



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