Hi, guys! I hope you’re doing well, wherever you are.

I lived a fantastic Summer last year, for many situation I crossed: jumping from my normal day life to unforgettable holidays with my son, passing through hot wether and sun which let me feel very “alive”. You can read here about πŸ™‚

Now, all crossed to another beautiful period of the year, made by incredible colours and changing Nature. I was very inspired in that period, although I have a little feeling of melancholy. It’s difficult for me to let go the Summer, because I am so happy during that season I wait all the time for. But…I was speaking about inspiration, or? πŸ˜‰ Speaking about remembering and dreams I feel myself very light and my soul is following the same energy. I mix up melancholy and new emotions, which I get especially when I ride my bike in the nature. I lived the incoming Winter with a great target: my first exhibition!

Me and my best friend Matteo decided in April, during an evening made of beer, laughs and dreams, to exhibit our new ideas on canvas. He paint with a different technique than mine, called “monotype”. We thought to divide the place in two different zone, left for me and right for him, showing our feelings translated on canvas.

The place to exhibit our town hole gave us is full of history, in the main city square.

Many days passed to retrieve contacts, permissions, advertisement and so on. We decided to open on the first days of December, to attract people during shopping time for Christmas. It was the best vernissage ever, also compared to my previous photo exhibitions in my life! So many people interested were asking everything possible concerning our techniques, visions, methods and so on. We welcomed them with a space for drink and eat, and they appreciated our wine too, kindly offered by one of the best cellar around our city. It was the best feedback we ever received…

I sold many of my paintings there and I’m very grateful to everybody bought them. Sensibility is something almost gone, today… After the end of the exhibition, it was time for dinning, with many other friends came with us. Wow, how many emotions all together!

Christmas came and I travelled with my son to Vienna, to celebrate the end of the year. We passed a lovely and unforgettable time together, remembering the place where I lived many years ago. The house is still there! Many locals are closed, many are new, but the atmosphere of the viennese life is all time great. We passed a week visiting exhibitions, walking, eating and taking fun all the time. I don’t know a different way to close a great year and to wait for another one greater!

At the end of January I decided to take a rest celebrating my birthday in one of my favourite city: Prague. So many time I visited that place: it’s like a fairytale, any time… I can tell I know Prague more than the city I live, and this is valid for Paris too. I discovered new places, visited galleries and took contact with owners for my future paintings. They were very impressed by my actual production and for some preview of the incoming one! My return was like a jump in the empty space: I found myself be part of the whole universe… This means I’m ready to welcome everything new the life will present me! I think if we are empty, for different reasons, we can only welcome new times, possibilities and opportunities… So, what else? πŸ™‚

I’m working on new materials for…an incoming exhibition and, of course, for all of You that are following me with so many interest! I really appreciate all of your messages and questions You write me, but…don’t be shy and do it here, in the comments! You can help anyone else to know something useful for everybody.

So, I hope to see You subscribe to my YouTube channel for my incoming works!

Be happy in life and a hug by me πŸ™‚



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