When I came back for a bike ride in December, like I wrote in my “first post”, I started to collect information about acrylic, colours, canvas and tools: not the object themselves, but where to buy. I found many online shops and in my city, Pavia, too. It was foggy in my city, and this view on the morning was magical and filled me with so many emotions and inner power, that I started immediately my new step in life.

The Old Bridge in Pavia

I went to Ikea to by tool trolley, glass jars for pigments and I started to build up my creative corner at home.

My painting corner

It was very cold to be in Italy at that time, and to paint looking outside in my garden, with snow and the typical winter wether immediately helped me to realise my first painting: a Swedish lake, that I wanted to imagine be seen in aerial view. I started with the modelling paste and the fantastic crackle paste, which are able to give incredible texture when dry up.

The first layer with the crackle paste

Those where the basis and after I started with one of my favourite colour: the blue, in its nuances, from deepest to lightest. I wanted to give a particular harmony to the opera, so the colour transitions had to be very gently. I added earth that came directly from Sweden ( don’t ask me why! ), so the result was perfect: You can see the snow, modelling the panorama just on the borders of the lake, its deep, but what is really beautify is that You can feel the wind…With its gusts is modelling in turn the snow and the ice. This one seems to scratch under You eyes! I added real silver 999 certified to give the sense of the reflection of the winter light by day in Sweden. The result is an imaginative acrylic in a mixed technique, with a unique sense of depth, distance, feeling and imagination. I called it “Frozen Wind”. The texture is touchable, like the most part of my paintings and the experience is great: You can touch the wind… 

Frozen Wind

If You like this work, let me know down in the comments!



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